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Emotional Alchemy

- A dining experience taking guests on the emotional journey from anger to love, from lower to higher state emotions

Every year organization Tint Eindhoven hosts themed dinner events. Last year I was invited as a Food Designer to create a unique menu and to share my vision on food.

The theme of this dining experience was emotions. It is important to acknowledge emotions, either good or bad, and accept them. The practice of transforming negative emotions into more pleasant, joyful emotions is known as "Emotional Alchemy".

During the dinner guests were served 7 courses. Each course was designed to resemble a different emotion: guilt, anger, fear, acceptance, neutrality, love and joy. The presentation, ingredients and flavours were put together to create unique dishes which were accompanied by a guided meditation. Thereby, guests were taken on a journey to connect deeper with themselves and their emotions

The event was organised together with Tint and Enter the Now

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