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- A texture-modified snack that fully dissolves once in the mouth,  created specifically for people with  chewing and swallowing disorders 

Mouthfeel is a texture changing snack for people suffering from dysphagia. The dysphagia sufferers experience difficulties when swallowing and chewing food. Therefore, their diet consists of soft and liquid foods. Lack of textures variety causes loss of appetite followed by malnutrition. 

The aim of this 20-week individual project was to develop a food that would provide diverse mouth experiences. The developed snack brings back the pleasure of eating, by providing unique mouthfeels (popping, tickling, crunchiness) and changing texture in the mouth (the snack is initially solid but fully dissolves in the mouth). It was created using 3D printing technology and molecular food science techniques. The final product is fully dissolvable and meets the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization framework requirements for safe food. The different techniques can be used together (in a snack) or individually to enhance daily meals.

This project was selected for exhibition at the 4TU Design United Dutch Design Week exhibition (curated to present the year’s best and most representative Design Research projects of the four Dutch Engineering Universities).

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